What Variations Exists In Commercial Door Lock Sets?

The locks you have on your doors are the single most essential factor in determining the level of safety afforded to your house or place of business. There are a wide variety of locks and locking systems available to purchase on the market nowadays. In this blog post, we will look at some of the most prevalent varieties of commercial door locks. If you need to buy new locks or door hardware, you should come to see us because we have a large selection of different kinds of door hardware available for purchase. So, let’s get started!

Commercial Door Locks:

Commercial door locks are intended for use in businesses and are typically more durable than residential door locks. Commercial door locks that are commonly used include mortise locksets, cylindrical locksets, exit devices, and electronic access control systems.

Mortise Locksets:

A hole must be drilled into the door in order to install a mortise lockset, a particular style of door hardware. They are more secure than other types of locksets, but they are also more challenging to install. A mortise lockset is a wonderful choice if you’re seeking the highest level of security.

Cylindrical Locksets:

One variety of door hardware, known as a cylindrical lockset, does not need to have a hole drilled into the door before it can be installed. Mortise locksets are more secure. However, these locksets are easier to install than mortise locksets. A cylindrical lockset is an excellent option to go with because it can be installed with relative ease while yet providing a reasonable level of protection

Exit Devices:

A form of commercial door hardware known as an exit device is one that allows individuals to leave a building while maintaining its level of safety and protection. On doors that lead to emergency exits, it is usual practice to install an exit device. In most cases, they will feature a panic bar that must be pushed in order for the door to be unlocked. Exit devices are an ideal alternative for organizations that need to provide their employees with a method that is both speedy and easy to use in the event that an emergency occurs inside the property.

Electronic Access Control Systems:

An electronic access control system is a type of door hardware that grants people admission to a building by using an electronic keypad or card reader. These systems are commonly seen in business buildings and other commercial contexts. They are extremely useful since they enable businesses to regulate who gets access to the premises.

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